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Dry needling is a treatment technique that your physiotherapist might use to help relax or release your tight muscles. Muscles sometimes contain tight bands or tender knots (that we call trigger points) that can cause pain or restrict movement. During dry needling, a thin and flexible acupuncture needle is inserted into one or more of those trigger points to stimulate a healing response.

Will it hurt?

Most people don’t feel the needle when it is inserted, but when the trigger point is stimulated, the muscle will usually twitch or jump. This might feel like a small muscle cramp or pressure within the muscle and it indicates that the correct area of the muscle has been affected. The twitch feeling is brief, but many people experience a mild ache in the area for 24-28 hours after dry needling.

How does it work?

After eliciting a twitch in the muscle, there is a decrease in the muscle tone or tension, reduced local chemical irritation and often pain relief. The reduced muscle tension can improve range of motion and improve function.

Can it help me?

Dry needling can be used on muscles all over the body and it can help with tension headaches, low back pain, repetitive strain injuries, chronic pain and more.

Speak with your physiotherapist @Avenue Physiotherapy to see if dry needling should be incorporated into your physiotherapy treatment.

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