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Exercise is crucial to maintaining your health and wellbeing, but it may be even more important in aging and senior adults. 

Regular exercise and an active lifestyle for seniors provides countless health benefits such as reducing risk of chronic illness, maintaining or losing body weight, building and maintaining bone strength, and falls prevention. 

To maintain commitment and motivation it is important to find an exercise that you enjoy! Maybe try to go out dancing with friends. Think square dancing, ballroom dancing, and everything in between! Perhaps sign up for a Tai Chi class or try swimming or water aerobics in your local pool.  You could get limber with yoga at your local yoga studio. Finally, be sure to check out S.A.F.E zone classes in Brantford and Brant County- A free falls prevention exercise program designed by health professionals to assist seniors in the community to remain independent. They even have free exercise videos on their website you can try !

Other than formal exercise programs, there are also sneaky ways to squeeze exercise into your day. For example, take the stairs whenever possible and try parking farther away in the parking lot. You can also wear or carry a pedometer and set a goal of daily steps. Remember that moving about your house counts! Gardening and housework can be satisfying ways to get in some steps. 

 Finally, here are some tips to keep you moving safely in 2023:

  • Use proper equipment– supportive footwear, helmet for biking, walking poles or canes for walking
  • Watch the weather– if it does not seem safe to walk outside, try going for a walk around the mall or at a local free walking track (such as the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre in Brantford)
  • Always chat with your doctor about the type/amount of physical activity that is right for you and your body
  • If you weren’t active before, start slowly. Even 5 minutes of exercise has benefits and you can add more over time 
  • Keep your home environment safe to reduce your risk of falls- often this means removing throw rugs, loose carpets, clutter, and modifying entry thresholds, bathrooms, and lighting.
  • Try to move every day!

We recommend talking with a physical therapist to help you find a fitness plan that suits your body to prevent injuries. If you have any questions about how to keep your body moving, do not hesitate to contact us @ Avenue Physiotherapy. We are happy to help 🙂

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