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Avenue Physiotherapy is thrilled to announce that we now offer physiotherapy for concussions!

Concussion management protocols have been designed from the best emerging evidence and objective assessment techniques to safely take those who have sustained a mild brain injury through a unique and individualized program.  No two people will have the exact same experience after a head injury because there are many factors that can affect recovery.

The rehabilitation process is based off of an extensive personal history, assessment of visual, vestibular, and balance findings and reported signs and symptoms.  Concussion management includes education regarding a review of what a concussion injury is, appropriate resting and sleep strategies, recommendations for school and work modifications, physiotherapy for associated conditions (i.e. neck pain), visual and vestibular rehabilitation exercises, and gradual physical exertion testing to plan for return to activity/sport.  If you or someone you know may have a suspected concussion, seek out medical care with a Family Physician as soon as possible.  Your Family Physician will be able to give you recommendations for early self-care and afterwards, you can book with our Physiotherapist to develop your personalized program to help with your recovery!

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